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Russia Investigators Subpoena a Comedian. No, Seriously.

Randy Credico, who is also a comedian and an activist against the drug war, tweeted a picture of a subpoena signed on Nov. 27. His attorney told The Daily Beast that he received the subpoena, from the House Intelligence committee, on Nov. 28.

Spokespersons for the top Republican and Democrat on the committee declined to comment.

Credicos attorney, Martin Stolar, said the committee is likely interested in Credicos work as a radio host.

If I had to guess and speculate my guess is theyre interested in talking to him about what conversations he had with Julian and with Roger Stone, both conversations which occurred in the course of him gathering news for publication, Stolar told The Daily Beast.

The committee has pressured Stone to reveal an intermediary he claimed to have to Assange. Thus far, theres no evidence Stone has shared the name of that intermediary with committee investigators.

Credico has known longtime Trump ally Roger Stonewho is also of interest to investigatorsfor more than 15 years, he said. Credico and Stone both appeared on an InfoWars show in September.

Credico said he believes the subpoena impinges on press freedom.

I believe its an infringement on free speech, on the First Amendment, he told The Daily Beast. Look, Ive had some very controversial guests on my show. Ive had Julian Assange. And this whole Russiagate thing seems to be targeting him. Whichever way they can get me into this, hes a source of mine. Ive been to the embassy several times, and hes a source. Like anybody else, I cannot talk about my conversations with my sources.

Assange and WikiLeaks have had communications with a number of Trumps associates. Alexander Nix, the president of a data analytics firm that worked for Trumps campaign, offered to help Assange distribute hacked material, as The Daily Beast first reported. And Donald Trump Jr. also exchanged Twitter DMs with the official WikiLeaks account. Trump himself was open about his affection for WikiLeaks during the campaign, as the site published hacked emails that damaged Hillary Clintons campaign and national Democrats.

I love WikiLeaks! he proclaimed at one campaign rally.

Credico said hes been summoned for jury duty in Manhattan during the week when the House has subpoenaed him.

Credico is very open about his support of Assangedespite the assertion by Trumps CIA director that he runs the equivalent of a hostile intelligence service.

Credico interviewed Assange for his WBAI radio show in August, and told The Daily Beast he has met Assange in person three times. The most recent meeting was earlier this month. He has also interviewed people close to Assange, including his mother and his longtime friend, actress Pamela Anderson.

Assange is a brilliant guy, and I have a lot of respect for him, Credico said. Hes a gallant individual. Hes a courageous man.

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