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The Latest Trump-Russia Email Is Bringing Ivanka Into The Mix

Ahhh, another day, another incriminating email, and another cautiously hopeful round of Twitter users whipping out their impeach and resign hashtags. More and more evidence is cropping up that points to Donald Trump’s collusion with Russia – and this time around there’s a new family member being pulled into the mix.  The latest Trump-Russia email involves Ivanka Trump, and a trip she took […]

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The forgotten history of August 28 and what it means for all Americans today.

Black history in the United States is heartbreaking, breathtaking, and utterly incredible. Photo by Kent Gavin/Keystone/Getty Images. There’s one day in particular that has been incredibly influential. On Aug. 28 of various years, descendants of the African diaspora have experienced several events that changed the course of history. From slavery ending to the the road […]

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